Who am I, what do I do? This is the Bio section where I talk about such things as these.

General Info:
I'm Kees and I run Keesret Animations; a Dutch, single man, animation company founded in 2010. We specialize in stop-motion movies made with LEGO, called brickfilms. My videos are in no way sponsored or endorsed by LEGO. All the content here is family-friendly unless it's said in the video. We edit, script and animate our movies all by ourselfs. Occasionally a fellow colleague will assist us with voice acting or VFX. We post our movies on the popular movie sharing site Youtube, under the channel name of Keesret. Any other users posting our videos our fake, and done without our permission. As well as animation I sometimes do photography, which will also be posted on the blog. Important updates however will be posted on the homepage, under the Bulletin Board section

My name, Keesret, was made purely by accident. a long time ago I was new to the web and I signed up for a silly online game (I forget which) and wanted to name my account 'The Keester' (embarrassing, I know) however the site didn't allow spaces inbetween names. I misspelled Keester and clicked accept. Instead of signing up again I stuck with it as it sounded pretty neat. After a couple of years I found out about Youtube and started using it again. That's about it really. It is officially pronounced CASEret although if you want to say KEASret that's fine too (although if you ever find yourself talking to my in Skype or other such voice communication mediums then please pronounce my name, Kees, as CASE).
My logo (It's not orange because I'm patriotic, just because it looks nice with the blue)

F.A.Q. :

Q: What camera do you use?
A: I use the Panasonic HDC-SD 900

Q: How do you record your audio?
A: I use the Blue Yeti for both voice acting and sound effects. I use audacity for sound editing.

Q: What do you edit your videos with?
A: I use Windows Live Movie Maker for the frame compilation movies and Sony Vegas for editing.

Q: What frame-rate do you use?
A: I use 15 fps and occasionally 24.

Q: Will you voice/help me?
A: If you're nice and I feel like it.

Q: How did you make this site?
A: I used Google's blogger.

Q: How did you get into brickfilming?
A: I watched a video and thought it was neat.

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